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Welcome to X@itude! Photography 

About Xatitude!

The name Xatitude is a combination of the words 'extreme attitude'. If you are looking for something different, artistic and elegant you have found the right place. As you go through our broad portfolio you will find that all our images are different. Adapting to modern times we realize that everyone is unique, gone are the days where everyone wears the same clothes and poses in front of a white background, this is real life! It's so much more sentimental if you have the photos at your house with your pets, or at the restaurant where you had your first date. These are the ways we are able to capture real emotions and timeless photos. 

 The Face Behind the lens


I am Lara Bartlett owner of X@itude Photography. I am creative and outgoing, but I am also very serious when it comes to business. I work with all kinds of people from super outgoing extroverts to extremely shy introverts, but when you see the photo's I'm sure you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I like to make people feel comfortable, bringing out the best in each individual. I am very open minded and honest, I take a lot of suggestions into consideration and I do advise people on alternative options if required. I have a two year photography diploma and I have been running X@itude since February 2009.






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